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A Collection of Military Uniforms WWII through the present day.​​

The M. D. Stone Uniform Collection

Part #4, Army State-Side Duty, Cold War Part #4, Army State-Side Duty, Cold War Nike Missiles: With the Cold War nearing its peak, missiles were being devloped as the (ICM) a missile with nuclear Warheads that could travel from one country-to mass, and quickly getting out of hand, due to the fear the other side had the Anti-Missile-Missile was developed to take them down. of course what is out there now, and being developed- is a 1000 time worse now, certainly enough to end humanity all together. 206204456 32nd Army Missile Defense Command: After WWII, The anti-Aircraft Artillery (Guns) was pretty dialed in, and by the end of the Korean War, with the use of radar and electrically controlled multi-gun controlled, from the quad 50'd to 75mm and 90mm auto-cannons, but their days were limited, and considered close-in weapons in the day of the jet age fighters and bombers, and rocketry-we needed stand off weapons-get them before they get close. 206204459 32nd Army Missile Defense Command: The areas of responsibility had outgrown their weapons. Their responsibility magnified. The developed into different regions to cover and so development went on to central control command, for quick response, 24 hours a day, these people are now on watch. There also tied into other branch of services too, as Air Force and Navy joint command decision makers. 206204458 32nd Army Missile Defense Command: Apparently the North America Group in in seven sections or (Regions). And that's just for the Army, then there is Naval, and US. Air Force's NORAD-CONAD in Colorado. Going on 60's information. I'm thinking he was working with some decent missiles, like the Pershing, or Nike, Lance, or Patriot maybe.... 206204457 32nd Army Missile Defense Command: The 'DUI' on the blouse is that from 32nd AAMDC or 32nd Army Air and Missile Defense Command, it may have been in 'conjunction with' or a subordinate position at the time. It is a 'theater level' US. Army, 'Air and Missile Defense' (MAD) multi-component organization on call, in a worldwide coverage, 72-hour deployment mission. 206204460 32nd Army Missile Defense Command: 1963 found ARADCOM peaking in strength , they had some 184 firing units (134 being regular Regular Army, and 50 National Guard). However, And they had started to down size, as a new system developed in September 1968. 206204466 32nd Army Missile Defense Command: With Technology, cost runs, and downsizing newer nuclear deterrent weapons and anti-missile missile defense continued to go thru changes, we know haw fast technology can move. 206204465 32nd Army Missile Defense Command: So the uniform may be miss-marked, hope not, LMK if so and how to fix it them. But the thing is this is one of those groups of young people that keep us safe every day-that never get seen or on the news, and when everything is quiet and good is what they hope for, but there manning the line-every day, and that was why I adopted the uniform to the collection. 206204471 32nd Army Missile Defense Command: On February 4, 1974, the U.S. Department of Defense announced the ARADCOM inactivation, except the 31st Air Defense Artillery Brigade, that had been activated during the Cuban Missile Crisis (October 1962) and would continue on duty on the coast of southern Florida. 206204463 32nd Army Missile Defense Command: December 31, 1974, ARADCOM's the remaining regional headquarters, all eight groups, plus 13 battalion headquarters, as well as 48 Hercules firing batteries were deactivated and dismantled. as of January 4, 1975 ARADCOM headquarters no longer is in operation. 206204469 32nd Army Missile Defense Command: This style 'Summer Shirt' was popular and seen from Europe and the USA to Vietnam, where most of this style shirt is seen in this collection, it was used state side, and in Europe as a office style work uniform without the jacket much of the time. 206204461 32nd Army Missile Defense Command: While many did near there whole tour in fatigues, others used this,some claim they never used the uniform except for going to ot from their overseas tour's. I don't think thats the case here-as it is being used as a base uniform I should think. 206204468 32nd Army Missile Defense Command: In Europe there is today the 10th Army Air and Missile Defense Command, stationed in Kaiserslautern, Germany, And there is the 32nd Army Air and Missile Defense Command (32 aamdc.svg) in the US. the United States Army Forces Command located at Fort Bliss, in Texas, and the 94th Army Air and Missile Defense Command, 94th. A AMDC.png, and then the United States Army Pacific located at Fort Shafter, in Hawaii, and then there is the 263rd Army Air and Missile Defense Command (263 ADABdeSSI.svg) with the South Carolina Army National Guard. 206204467 32nd Army Missile Defense Command: The uniform, if we can call it that, story told, Would be atypical 60 summer short sleeve shirt, with the green over-seas cap, in the 50's this would have been khaki. He would have had khaki trousers as well, black shoe's I should think, maybe black boots, bloused. this could be used as a walking out, travel, and office type work. 206204470 MLRS and Modern Artillery. Now rocketry has evolved, and the delivery methods, i/e long range missiles, or Cruise Missiles, I don't know what, but can carry up to 12, they can inflict a lot of damage, but then you have to remove the holing box, and add the new....take a little time-so shoot scoot, and reload I guess. 206207352 35th Air Defense Artillery Brigade: This uniform was introduces in the 80's Itm thinking it is the 4 color Woodland BDU. This Fellow is from the 35th ARDA, and like all Air Defense "Artillery units", the 35th ADA Brigade traces its lineage back to the American Coastal Artillery formations. On June 1, 1918, the 35th Coast Artillery Brigade was organized and constituted at Fort Hunt, Virginia for defense of the Potomac River. When the United States got involved in the Great War in Europe, but it was only a matter of weeks before the soldiers of the 35th were shipped across the Atlantic with the American Expeditionary Force (AEF). Arriving in France, September of 1918, in time to participate in the Meuse-Argonne Offensive. The 35th fell in around European artillery pieces and helped the Allies overcome the Hun. During the interwar period, no military innovation witnessed a more extensive development than that of air power. 206204496 35th Air Defense Artillery Brigade: Aircraft would change war forever. On 9 September 1943, the 35th Coast Artillery was involved in the Allied invasion at Salerno, as part of Operation Avalanche. Hence they became the first Allied Anti-Aircraft outfit to set foot on the European mainland in World War II. To address its new mission, the 35th Coast Artillery was renamed the 35th Anti-Aircraft Brigade and moved to England to prepare for the Allied assault on Hitler's Atlantic Wall. During Operation Overlord in June of 1944, the 35th participated in the invasion of southern France where it achieved 406 confirmed and 286 probable kills on German Luftwaffe aircraft. This greatly assisted the Allied invasion force as it broke through the German Army's defensive line, and the Western Allies liberation of France. 205320356 35th Air Defense Artillery Brigade: A year later, the war in Europe would be over. After WWII, the 35th Brigade returned to the United States and then was inactivated at Camp Kilmer, New Jersey. Over a 25 year period of the Cold War, and the Vietnam Era, the 35th Anti-Aircraft Brigade was reactivated at Fort Bliss, Texas and moved to Fort Meade, Maryland were it provided a anti-aircraft defense for the nation's capital. On his left sleeve, the 35th Air Defense Artillery, as with all the identification on this uniform, it to is in the subdued form.The focus of Air Defense during this period was to counter the threat of long range bombers targeting the United States. He had his previous front-line assignment with the XVIII Airborne Corps (Airborne) as is evident by the patch on the right sleeve. It would take another twelve years before the brigade was activated again, this time stationed at Fort Lewis, Washington on 1 June 1985 in support of the US Army I CORPS. That would be about where this uniform would have started to be seen. 206204504 35th Air Defense Artillery Brigade: The Army began to reshape the design of its force's in 2003, the Air Defense Artillery, at the forefront of the transition. In addition to (MTOE) changes and new missions for a number of battalions within the branch, Air Defense also changed its assets around the globe, addressing the greatest Air and Missile threats. A key part, was the movement of the 35th ADA Brigade from Fort Bliss, Texas to the Republic of South Korea which began in 2004. 206204497 35th Air Defense Artillery Brigade: By the end of that year, the brigade was fully operational on the peninsula, with its headquarters at Osan Air Base, 48 miles south of Korea's (DMZ) Demilitarized Zone. 206204500 35th Air Defense Artillery Brigade: Note: this is a early ' type of Kevlar' Helmet. As I understand it, there is 2 elements to operations at present, El Paso Texas, in the United States, and there operating in in Area III South Korea. now I would assume there wearing a multicolor patter being used, and the Tri-Tone Tan, and Digital-Green Anti- Infrared Dis-used. 206204502 35th Air Defense Artillery Brigade: I've had real trouble if this uniform, haven't been able to figure if it is- correct in its insignia I can't figure it out exactly if this DUI on the shoulder-goes with the shoulder's two different entities, but come up in pictures with the dui-like on a table- but none actually on the same uniform. So I guess I'll attempt to tell a short story about each unit. 206204499 35th Air Defense Artillery Brigade: The sleeves elbows have re-enforcement , but the rest of the uniform is much like fatigues and dungarees have been since the 50's. 206204498 35th Air Defense Artillery Brigade: The shoulder patch, that is the, US. Army Air Defense Artillery Command (ARADCOM) Army Anti-Aircraft Command. It existed from 1957 to 1974. It had derived from ARAACOM started in 1950 and in 1957 became ARADCOM. It'd primary mission, simple, only to protect the entire Continental United States. 206204501 35th Air Defense Artillery Brigade: With the move it was named the Dragon Brigade. The U.S. Army's only forward-stationed ADA brigade. The brigade over-saw the reshaping and expansion of the ADA defense design in theater, highlighted by with the addition of a second Patriot battalion, establishing a battalion presence in both the Northern and the Southern sectors of the peninsula increasing the Air and Missile Defense capability for United States Forces Korea (USFK.) 206204503 35th Air Defense Artillery Brigade: The two Patriot battalions were serving one year temporary change of station from CONUS. 2009 marked the end of the battalion rotations, with the 6-52 Air and Missile Defense Battalion and the 2-1 Air Defense Artillery Battalion permanently stationed under the 35th ADA Brigade. 206204506 35th Air Defense Artillery Brigade: To this day, the Dragon Brigade remains at the forward edge of Air Defense, facing down the most substantive air and missile threats to the United States military and its allies. 206206764 35th Air Defense Artillery Brigade: Constantly on alert, well-trained, and proud of its distinguished history of service to the nation, the 35th Air Defense Artillery Brigade stands Ready in Defense. Thanks for the US.Army's History site where this story came from, I hadn't know anything about this outfit. 206206763 35th Air Defense Artillery Brigade: Fully synthetic fuzzy interior, these were warm and helpful in winter conditions, and made to fit under the helmet, it you adjust the helmet's webbing way out. 206206765 35th Air Defense Artillery Brigade: we have this 'Kevlar' PASGT, a light weight helmet, this helmet followed the M1 'Steel Pot' series. these have pretty much already become obsolete too, but with the rate technology id moving...with thermal and nigh vision optics added to them and better ballistics etc...I could not tell ya exactly what is the norm anymore. 206206800 35th Air Defense Artillery Brigade: The styling was criticized from the beginning. It looks like a NAZI helmet thing, so be it, the thing is it's to save your head from severe impacts and concussions' and light weapons, not for its looks. It was to be the generic helmet- but we'll put it here-and I think it fits with the period of the uniform. 206206799 35th Air Defense Artillery Brigade: with out the cover there not that sharp looking, the material of the cover could be, and was to be able to match the BDU uniforms and the ones that followed. 206206801 35th Air Defense Artillery Brigade: One of differences between the M1 and this, is there is no ta separate liner, the adjustable webbing helps absorbed hits too, like the old one. It wont rust out either, but it still wont stop a rile bullet-but then-if it did, the force of the energy from the hit would break your neck anyways. 206206802 35th Air Defense Artillery Brigade: The vest introduces a bit more protection with a overlapping side on them, as with the shoulders. The internal area of the vest was left green still, and many of the Vietnam Issue Types stuck around for some time, into the first Gulf War. 206206761 35th Air Defense Artillery Brigade: These vests, well up to his time were not expected to really stop a bullet. They were Flak-Vest' used against shrapnel and fragments. These were developed during the Vietnam War, a Khaki Green then, and a little different design, like them or find them more bother than they were worth was up to the wearer. 206206760 35th Air Defense Artillery Brigade: During the conflict some in the field felt they cased heat stroke, and to heavy for reconnaissance work, and still did not stop bullets, the first had metal plates in them, then there was Kevlar, and plasma. But the ting is they got dialed-in, stronger and do save lives, like the M1 Steel Pt helmet was with the lighter Kevlar, now there on like the mark 5 of both vest and helmet. 206206762