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A Collection of Military Uniforms WWII through the present day.​​


Some of the places I recomend to my friends, I've worked good with them and they have done me right.

Mr. Cyrus Lee, has become a very good friend of mine, and it is a cooperative effort but much falls on his shoulders, between us though, we've managed to make uniforms out of 1 or 2 bits of information, in example a set of collar tabs or shoulder boards...this can take months, or this has on some taken years to get it all together and as correct as we can make them, some were bought as athentis- with only 1 patch or the outlines of once there. We have been working on US-Vietnam era projects with me as well. I general an in a very large way the uniforms have come together in his hand and his labor-or the tailor, He is, and who I went to meet as my German Collection fist went to him to look at, and then,,,it grew, and for 10-15 reas it has outgrown me, but then I had a storage shed with US uniforms filling it-and....we decided to go look in there one day and a whole nother can of work has opened up. year and a half later- a very large group is coming together, and getting finished up and on the site....a lot of info to put on site. Stand By...Mark Stone.

Expert in US WWII Helmets, and Reenactor type WWII Militaria.

If you're looking for more affordable uniforms here is a good place to start, and covers various areas of the military uniforms and gear from multiple countries, and eras.

Has a nice selection of uniforms and insignia for reenactors, good standard uniform stuff.

An Excellent Shop for Uniform Insignia Details, Uniforms, And Master of visor Caps. Top Quality, and correct in appearance.

Another fine uniform insignia shop, Carries many types of details that can be hard to find.

Splendid Uniforms, and Medals, and Insignia's.

Carries many hard to find medal, Badges and Insignia, and more hard to find rare items.


This is a Living History, or "Reenactor Site relating to the German Wehrmacht's Grossdeutschland Division of the WWII Period.