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A Collection of Military Uniforms WWII through the present day.​​

With the last move, my model collection (hundreds of models) took a beating-and the 7 model cases they were in...fixable- and will tike some time, but we'll get her done...and update this site again. H

ere is one shelf in one cabinet...Mark.

Ok, I lost all the pictures of my old model pictures, this one is still on the drive, ya see, in the splitting of the website recently, I lost a bunch of the pictures...major bummer, and sorry about that, but I'll re shoot pictures of the surviving models, there are dozens of them, and I'll edit them and get them on the site, the model cased took a beating in the last move, and we took a lot of casualties, so it's super glue time, maybe get all that together in the near future sine were stuck in out homes, be safe, and hang in there some day we pray, the Covid-19 years will be behind us, and lets just leave 2020 behind us...maybe 2021 too. Anyways the models are pretty much in 1/35 scale, pretty small, so when the photograph is blown up, they look bad, but if your old, and fussy eyed like me, well I'm happy with these ones, some of my better models I've put together, keeps me out of trouble. Here is a Lend-Lease Matilda-in Russian use. A Matilda Expeditionary Service Vehicle, A M24 in Korea, a couple M113's and ARVN on and M113 A-CAV in M47 n Germany 1950's, UH-1 Huey Gunship and a LOCH in Vietnam.

I can show you I guess a model I'm working on presently, a Trumpeter 1/16th scale, Panzerkampfwagon IV Ausf. H....It is a very big model, and at this point I'm about 1/2 done, I've done some of my style detailing-not that the interior is very visible. and I'm trying to figure out how I'll make it open up...but a lot of hull details are had to see-when the upper hull joins the bottom! This li like 6 months into it. Anyways-here is some shots of that. Mark.